About Me

Hi! I’m Heather, a wife, mom to two daughters (one with Down syndrome), and writer. When our daughter was diagnosed with DS at birth in 2015, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me. Among the most challenging were feelings of inadequacy and ignorance – neither of which I accepted gracefully. A problem solver (read: recovering control freak and lifelong worrier) by nature, I’ve been on a mission to educate myself with research and resources that help me support my daughter in living the meaningful, fulfilling life she deserves. Oh, while also trying to work on nurturing myself, my marriage, and my neurotypical daughter before I fall into bed exhausted each night. Sound familiar? I’ve created The Extra Life to share with other parents, caretakers, family members, and educators the practical resources and lessons I’ve discovered on our ever-evolving journey. I hope you can find something here that helps to reduce the extra load that has come along with your journey, too. Have a question or a suggestion for content? I’d love to hear from you at heather.theextralife@gmail.com. Don’t be a stranger; we have a little something extra in common already.

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