Talk to Yourself Like You Talk to Your Child

Do you have one of those ugly voices? Not the one you use to belt out your best rendition of Mariah Carey. I’m talking that nasty voice inside your head that questions whether you’re a good enough parent, berates you for the mistakes you’ve made, and convinces you that your child will forever be scarred because you forgot to pack their stuffy on National Teddy Bear Day? Now you feel me. Especially in this social-media-saturated world, it seems many of us sadly know that critical inner voice. A good friend of mine even named hers – Tiffany.

One day, my ugly voice was getting the best of me, and I realized how embarrassed and heartbroken I’d be if my daughters heard those criticisms. Instead, I thought, I should build myself up with love, grace, and understanding the way I aim to do with them.

So, the next time your Tiffany gets mouthy, tell her to back off! And…

Talk to Yourself Like you Talk to Your Child

Focus on the present, not past regrets or future worries.

Always do your best; don’t worry about being THE best.

Invest in things that bring you joy.

Ignore the haters and the bullies.

When you can’t play nice, take a time-out.

Trust your instincts.

Don’t give up.

Tomorrow is another day.

You’ve got this.

You are worthy

You are enough.

You are uniquely wonderful.

You are loved more than you will ever know.

In case you need a reminder, here’s a #fancy version you can keep and share.

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