Picture Books about Down Syndrome

Recently, I have had the gift of not one but two mothers of my daughters' friends asking me for recommendations of books about Down syndrome. Double yay for people who want to learn more and talk to their children about differences, amiright? While I had already developed a list of our favorite picture books that... Continue Reading →

9 Tips for an Effective IEP Meeting

1. Be prepared. See my post on 7 Ways to Prepare for an IEP Meeting for tips as well as some background information that will clarify the bolded terms presented below. 2. Remember, you are an essential part of the team. You've known your child longer than anyone in the room. Be confident and trust... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Prepare for an IEP Meeting

If you’re anything like me, awaiting IEP meetings is always nerve-wracking. I’ve found it critical to remind myself is that I am an important member of the IEP team with valuable input. As such, I’ve found that being prepared and knowledgeable about what I would like my daughter’s IEP to look like before going into... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Daughter’s IEP Team

As we prepared for Grace's kindergarten IEP meeting last year, we were all coping with a very new, terrifying global pandemic. Several of the staff hadn't even been able to meet with Grace for evaluations because schools had abruptly closed just weeks before. More than ever, I felt the need to humanize her for the... Continue Reading →

The humble joy of an unorthodox Christmas

**Special note: this post includes lessons I learned while my infant daughter was hospitalized at Christmastime. If you have an ill loved one or are sensitive to related content, you may want to skip this one! ** Christmas this year won’t look like Christmases past. Hopefully, it won’t look like Christmases future, either. But there... Continue Reading →

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