Why I Love Social Stories

In a special needs group on Facebook recently, several parents were discussing how social situations that are new, loud, crowded, or unfamiliar can be especially overwhelming for loved ones with Down syndrome. This has been the case in our family, too. In my experience, reacting to these situations is rarely successful. When Grace gets overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

So Extra

I’m so EXTRA! These were the perfect words adorably emblazoned on the shirt a friend made* for my daughter, Grace. Grace is extra adorable (my unbiased opinion), empathetic, and persistent. She also happens to have an extra chromosome. As parents of kids with Down syndrome, we are eager to share that this makes our children... Continue Reading →

About Me

Hi! I’m Heather, a wife, mom to two daughters (one with Down syndrome), and writer. When our daughter was diagnosed with DS at birth in 2015, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me. Among the most challenging were feelings of inadequacy and ignorance - neither of which I accepted gracefully. A problem solver (read: recovering control... Continue Reading →

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